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My name is Hillary and I am a wife, mother, and speech-language pathologist in Atlanta, Georgia. I work with children of all ages, from late-talking toddlers to high school students with executive function deficits. I specialize in working with children with dual-diagnoses, or those children who just don't meet the criteria for one diagnosis.

I have been working in speech-language pathology for 15 years.  I have a bachelors degree in Psychology and Spanish from Willamette University.  I earned my masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Portland State University.  I have also completed a post-graduate professional certification (autism specialist) in Autism Spectrum Disorders at UC Davis, and I am completing another certification in Gifted and Talented Education at UC San Diego.

My previous clinical experience includes both clinical and school settings, and my training includes DIR/Floortime, ABA treatment, Ages and Stages feeding and swallowing management, EmPOWER writing, executive dysfunction intensives, auditory processing training, Kaufman Speech training, and Hanen certification.  Previous speaking engagements have included: Preschool Language Development, Working with Culturally- and Linguistically-Diverse families, Therapy with Adopted Learners, and Building a Literacy Foundation in School-Age Children.  My therapy approach uses best practices based in research and your child's detailed assessment results and previous interventions to develop a fun, engaging process that helps build your child's skills and self-esteem.

I am licensed in Georgia, California, and Oregon, and I maintain my Certificate of Clinical Competence with the American Speech and Hearing Association. 

 I have three children of my own who teach me daily about speech and language development.

I have three children of my own who teach me daily about speech and language development.

In my spare time, I love to read and to travel.  My family keeps me laughing, and my three daughters are my own little case studies in language and development.  I enjoy leading my team of SLPs at Koning Speech and Language Services, connecting with my students, and utilizing my professional training to best serve you and your child's unique needs.