That First Cup

The early morning silence before the house starts stirring is for my soul alone.  I try to wake up a few moments before the rest of the creatures in this house start stirring, but with a noisy dog and an early-waking husband (who passed his early-waking genes to our daughters), it is often difficult to do.  I silently slide out of bed, head for the coffee pot, and listen as the creak of my bones on the stairs tell me I'm getting older. But to have a moment of reflection.  Ah, now that's how I center.  The whirlwind of energy that young children bring, the chaos of fun-filled days, the demands of life... it all pauses for a moment with that first sip of coffee.  I can read a blog, journal a bit, or reflect on God's purpose in my life.

Even now, sweating in the humidity around me, my now-empty coffee mug beckoning for its second refill, I have my moment.

Just ten minutes.  It makes me a better mom, a better wife, a better person.  Into the stillness I breathe "me", and with that I am ready for the day.

Have a wonderful one, friends.

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