The Education Dilemma

It's that time of year (already!) to figure out your child's school plan for next year. On the home front, I've already signed up my preschooler for next year's preschool class! Enrollment has started for public school kindergarten, private school classes are already filling up, and we haven't even made it through half the school year this year. Whew! Deciding where and how your child will be educated is a tough decision, and if you have a child with special needs it requires even more research and review on a parent's part. Parents should view their role as case manager of their child's education. Here's more from a Simple Mom post about making the decision The decision you make this year doesn't have to be the decision for the rest of their schooling. Look ahead at the coming years until the next transition. If they are in preschool, consider early elementary school options. Learning expectations shift drastically in 4th grade, so that may be the time to make a new decision. Middle school is a whole 'nother circus, and high school it's own adventure.

Be sure to look at the academic and learning picture for your child. But also focus on their social-emotional development. More than anything, a healthy dose of self-confidence can go a long way in the learning process. Determination and perseverance are built from a child's sense of self-worth.