Reading with Boys

Check out this link to a blog post at Beautiful Feet Books. The author writes about the importance of reading with your boys.  It's another reminder about the importance of time spent letting your imagination run wild ~ away from t.v., video games, and screen time.  I know I harp on screen time, and I get that technology serves its purpose.  But one of the problems with t.v. and video games is that the scenes, characters, and problem-solving are provided for the viewer.  Instead of creating a scene from "Robin Hood" in your head, that unfolds as the story develops, the screen places that scene (boom!) in front of you and leaves little room for cognitive exploration.

There is a widening gap in school achievement between boys and girls.  Interestingly, the gap is pretty much nonexistent for homeschooling families, where creativity and physical exploration for active boys might be more the norm. Anyway, all my pulpit-thumping about t.v. aside, the post is a great reflection on learning with boys.  It also links to the original article titled "How to Talk to Little Boys" ~ another interesting read.