E-Reading with Your Kids

Christmas is right around the corner, so most of you probably have your kids' gifts wrapped and under the tree. (Or, piled high in a closet, tags still attached, waiting for that free moment - at 2am - for wrapping in peace!) Perhaps you bought them an iPad or E-Reader of some sort. There are a lot of fun books and games on these devices, and I know my daughter is drawn to them like other kids in her generation.

I thought this was an interesting article HERE about reading on an e-reader with your child. Rather than barking orders to them, try and ask open-ended questions about what has happened, who the characters are, or what they think will happen next. Professionally, I know there is nothing better than a rock-solid paper and cardboard book. But our kids are technology-smart, and it's hard to resist the thrill of an iPad or E-Reader. It's not a substitute for quality parent time, however, so make sure you are sharing in book "exploration" with them as well.